One on One

Formal Remediation Sessions
(MTC) or have self dropped and wish to receive individualized
instruction to improve skills and confidence before reentering an
MTC class.  
One on One Formal Remediation Sessions are not a substitute for
any portion of the MTC and students cannot earn a completion
certificate by attending Formal Remediation Sessions.  They are not
an introductory course to the MTC.  They are intended to help
students gain skills and improve confidence so that they can
reenter and successfully complete an MTC class.  

NCMT's One on One Sessions and Formal Remediation Sessions
are offered under the supervision of Dave Sullivan.  He is the
President of NCMT and has 19 years experience as an Instructor
and RiderCoach with the MSF.  In addition to his motorcycle
training experience, Dave worked his way through college teaching
private guitar lessons and was a U.S. Coast Guard electronics
instructor for ten years.  Dave's experience and friendly, positive
attitude as well as his ability to present topics from many different
points of view will help any student who needs a little one-on-one
coaching to bring them up to speed in both skills and confidence.

One on One Formal Remediation Sessions are arranged by
telephoning our helpful office staff during business hours.  
These sessions cannot be arranged online.

Cost for One on One Formal Remediation Sessions is $60 per hour,
with a 2 hour minimum and a $25 insurance fee.  These prices are
the same for students of all ages.  These sessions are performed
using NCMT's training motorcycles/scooters (scooters depend on
equipment availability).